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Cardano Foundation & Dubai, MoonPay & PayPal and MORE!

Hey Cardanians! Welcome aboard the Weekly Cardano Digest #20!!

Cardano Weekly News May 6th

We've filtered through all the noise to distill crucial updates into a breezy, 5-minute read. No need for you to sift through endless info — we've got you covered. Ready to delve into this week's top Cardano news? Let’s dive in. 

Here are the topics of the week:

  • Cardano Foundation and Dubai Blockchain Center Forge Strategic Partnership

  • MoonPay & PayPal Forge Path for Crypto Accessibility!

  • AMM SWAP Goes Live: A New Era in DeFi Innovation Begins

  • Weekly Development Report by IOG.

  • & More!


This week on Cardano...

Cardano Foundation and Dubai Blockchain Center Forge Strategic Partnership

Cardano Foundation Dubai

The Cardano Foundation has unveiled an exciting partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), a renowned hub for technological innovation. This collaboration aims to empower the Cardano community, inviting both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to explore the unique features of Cardano technology.

Formalized during TOKEN2049, this partnership will introduce a certification program tailored for Cardano enthusiasts. Through specialized training seminars, individuals and organizations will gain certification on the advanced features and enterprise applications of the Cardano blockchain.

Both the Cardano Foundation and the Dubai Blockchain Center share a deep commitment to advancing blockchain education. The partnership signifies a significant step forward in driving blockchain adoption and operational resilience in Dubai and the broader region.


MoonPay & PayPal Forge Path for Crypto Accessibility!

Moonpay Paypal

MoonPay has announced an exciting development for its users in the United States. Now, they can seamlessly buy and sell over 110 cryptocurrencies using PayPal. With a massive global user base of over 426 million active accounts, PayPal is a major player in the financial industry. Meanwhile, MoonPay, specializing in crypto services, boasts an impressive user count of over 15 million.

Seamless Crypto Transactions: Enhancing User Experience

This integration comes with significant benefits, particularly in preventing declined crypto purchases via debit card. It aims to enhance the success rate of crypto transactions, even with the same debit card. Looking ahead, MoonPay plans to extend this PayPal integration to users in the United Kingdom and the European Union in the near future.

Previously, PayPal customers had access to a limited selection of cryptocurrencies, including BTC and others. However, with the MoonPay collaboration, customers can now enjoy expanded offerings, including Cardano (ADA).


CERRA’S AMM SWAP Goes Live: A New Era in DeFi Innovation Begins AMM SWAP

This milestone not only means a significant step forward in the product portfolio but also sets the stage for enhanced value generation.

Its AMM is laying the groundwork for future expansion by incorporating Derivatives and Pool Lending functionalities The focus on AMM is key, as it forms the basis for essential features like batching and fund pooling, integral to the platform's architecture. These enhancements will pave the way for upcoming products, such as Derivatives and Lending pools, positioning AMM for continued growth and innovation in decentralized finance.


Weekly Development Report May 3th


Interesting Stories:


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