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Cardano Governance and Catalyst Workshop in Argentina

Updated: May 21

More than 70 people attended to learn about project incubation, acceleration, and decentralized governance.

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The Workshop

Last Saturday, May 11, the LATAM Cardano Community Workshop was successfully held, where we were the organizers and had the opportunity to hear from several speakers discussing project incubation, acceleration, and decentralized governance in Cardano.

The event also featured an insightful interview with Fede Weill, co-founder of TxPipe-Building, and a special section to address Project Catalyst, where the Cardano community proposes ideas to solve challenges within the blockchain ecosystem and the wider world, and then votes on which technical, business, creative, and community projects will receive funding.

One of the most relevant topics of the workshop was the new code of conduct for DReps in Cardano, a merged version of the Catalyst DRep Code of Conduct with the general Code of Conduct for Delegated Representatives. The document outlines various ways to provide feedback and welcomes community members to join as part of the editorial team in the future.

¿What is a DRep?

The Catalyst Project has revolutionized decentralized innovation on Cardano, quickly becoming the largest fund of its kind globally. Faced with overwhelming proposal growth, the concept of Delegate Representatives (dReps) is introduced, who vote on the majority of proposals, thus enhancing decision-making quality within each Fund. This initiative allows ADA holders to transfer their voting power to representatives, facilitating the participation of passive voters in a greater number of proposals than they could personally evaluate.

dReps coordinate and formulate policies collectively, verify data, consult experts, and vote on projects and topics presented by the community. This introduction marks an exciting step forward in the inclusivity and diversity process within the Catalyst Project, with IOG reopening interest in joining the first cohort of dReps. In the coming weeks, workshops will delve deeper into the role of dReps, their incentive model, and their impact on Catalyst.

Cardano Builder Fest Flyer. DReps

New Code of Conduct Establishes Guidelines for Delegated Representatives in Cardano

Delegated Representatives (DReps) have been provided with a clear conduct framework with the release of a new Code of Conduct. Applicable to both Catalyst DRep and CIP 1694 DRep, this document has emerged from community contributions since December 2023, with the aim of promoting transparency and accountability in the Cardano ecosystem.

One notable difference between Catalyst DRep and CIP 1694 DRep is their technical design and required capabilities. While the former allows the use of native scripts or Plutus for credentials, the latter more clearly defines the necessary technical skills.

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The Code of Conduct emphasizes the importance of disclosing three key components: competence, identity, and interests/alliances. DReps must provide information about their expertise, identity, and relevant financial relationships to ensure fair and equitable governance.

Furthermore, policies are established for rule formulation and disclosure information updates. DReps are encouraged to keep their profiles updated at least once every three months and to have a process for collecting feedback and making continuous improvements.

This document, maintained by a dedicated DRep workshop development group, reflects the Cardano community's commitment to transparency and accountability. It is expected that this code will serve as a valuable framework for strengthening Cardano's decentralized governance in the future.

Cardano governance and Catalyst workshop in Argentina showed up that transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of a solid blockchain ecosystem, and the new Code of Conduct for Delegated Representatives is a significant step in that direction.

Our team

This event was amazing, and we, the Cardano newsletter team, had the opportunity to present our ideas on Fund 12! Our team is excited to continue growing the newsletter and to continue onboarding many people through this channel into the Cardano universe.

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