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Cardano's Governance: A Roadmap to Decentralization in 2024

Updated: May 28

Hey Cardanians! Welcome to a Special Edition of the Cardano Newsletter!!!

Cardano Special Edition

This edition is brought to you by Clarity DAO. They make cool and nice-looking governance and community management tools for Cardano projects.


We have a new special edition of the Newsletter!! Following our series of Governance articles, today we will talk about the Roadmap for Cardano Governance for the rest of 2024! Here is the article: 


Cardano's Governance: A Roadmap to Decentralization in 2024

Cardano Governance

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, governance stands as a critical pillar of sustainable and decentralized ecosystems. Cardano, a leading blockchain platform known for its commitment to scientific rigor and community-led development, is stepping into a new era of governance with the launch of Intersect.

At its core, Intersect embodies a vision that transcends traditional governance models, offering a unique on-chain mechanism that empowers Cardano holders to directly shape the protocol's future. This innovative approach marks a significant departure from existing governance structures, positioning Intersect as a pioneering force in blockchain governance.

This article unfolds the roadmap ahead, charting the course towards a governance model that is both inclusive and decentralized, underpinned by the collective ambition and engagement of the Cardano community.

Key Governance Highlights for 2024

Roadmap Intersect Cardano

- The Cardano Constitution: The Path to Decentralized Governance

Scheduled for the next couple of weeks, a Draft of the Cardano Constitution will be published open to the Community’s feedback. The Constitution will define Cardano’s shared values and guiding principles for the years to come. 

- Chang Hard Fork

Chang Upgrade #1: Schedule for Q2, it marks the inception of the bootstrap phase, this critical upgrade deploys essential governance features, inching Cardano closer to the envisioned model of minimum viable on-chain governance as outlined in CIP-1694.

Chang Hard Fork

- Empowering Global Participation

Constitution Global Workshop Series (2024): These workshops invite the global Cardano community to partake in thorough discussions about the draft of Cardano's Constitution, ensuring it reflects the diverse ethos and values of its members.

- Cementing the Governance Structure

Chang Upgrade #2 (2024): The concluding upgrade in this sequence solidifies the shift to a comprehensive minimum viable on-chain governance model, fully embraced by the Cardano community.

- Reflection and Strategy at the AMM

Annual Member Meeting (AMM, 2024): This inaugural meeting for Intersect members is a time for reflection on past accomplishments and strategic planning for the forthcoming year, signaling a crucial phase in Intersect's operational journey.

Intersect MBO Cardano

- Ratifying the Constitution

Constitutional Convention (2024): A crucial assembly where delegates will finalize and ratify the Constitution of Cardano before its community-wide on-chain approval, showcasing a united approach to governance.

- Decentralizing Governance Tools

Core Governance Tools Fully Decentralized (2024): This phase marks the transition of governance tool ownership and maintenance to the community, a milestone in Cardano's journey towards full decentralization.

- Community Consensus and Ratification

CIP-1694 Vote on Constitution (2024-2025): A landmark community vote on the Constitution via the CIP-1694 mechanism, allowing ADA holders to validate their governance framework and welcome a new era of decentralized governance.

This roadmap sketches a bold and ambitious trajectory towards establishing a governance system that not only champions decentralization but also mirrors the collective will and contributions of the Cardano community. As Intersect and its community advance, these milestones illuminate a shared dedication to inclusivity, transparency, and cooperative innovation.

Cardano ADA



$CLARITY Token launching Next week

Clarity Token
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Clarity is a decentralized no-code tool that helps manage governance in an institution alongside the community. Thanks to the blockchain, transparent voting can be conducted, and each person's vote truly counts. This makes communities feel more committed to the organization, with each decision being fair and transparent for the first time, making users part of a fair ecosystem. Clarity is a tool that will fit all organizations, big or small.

Token Launch

After several years of building the CLARITY protocol, the time has come for the launch of the $CLARITY Token. The token will be launched on the Liquidity Bootstrap Event platform. You can contribute ADA to the $Clarity token and generate incentives in the $Clarity token. All ADA provided as liquidity can be withdrawn at any time during the taste test.

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 The Launch of the Clarity Platform

Clarity Platform

The Clarity Platform, the first user friendly interface that leverages the Clarity Protocol, is launching along with the Clarity DAO and the $CLARITY token. If you act quick you will recieve a free NFT for creating an account.


🎊 A Message from Lucas 🎊

Hey! Told you we were taking governance serious, more exciting content to come soon! This roadmap its only a glimpse of all the governance content we have ready. Hope you enjoy it! See you on monday

-Lucas Macchiavelli

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