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Cardano's Journey in Argentina's Blockchain Landscape

Hey Cardanians! Welcome aboard to a Special Edition of the Cardano Newsletter!!

This edition is packed with valuable insights into Cardano's latest developments. Today's edition is brought to you by A DEFI platform for trading, lending and more. All on Cardano! Sponsor

We have a new special edition of the Newsletter!! Given the exciting series of events that happened this week, this article will focus on the impact blockchain adoption has had in Argentina thanks to the dedication of the Latam Cardano Community. Let’s dive in.


Argentina is becoming a frontier for blockchain opportunities

Cardano Argentina Map

Blockchain adoption has been stepping firmly in Argentina recently, and it seems that it will be staying that way in the near future. In the last months, the Latam Cardano Community has been seeing the fruit of its years-long labor rapidly unfold in Argentina.

Last Friday, Cardano announced a very exciting alliance between the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Input Output Global, in a move that continues to promote blockchain adoption in some of the country’s leading universities, connecting students to educational resources and information. Equally important, the university’s Faculty of Law also agreed to host the Cardano Constitutional Convention in December 2024 and to explore opportunities for students and professors to start using blockchain.

Cardano x UBA

Earlier that day, Cardano also visited the offices of Globant, one of Latam’s biggest technological companies. It wasn’t Cardano’s first encounter with the company– one of the foundation’s earliest development companies, AtixLabs, came from Argentina. It was eventually purchased by Globant, but now, years later, the two paths once again coincide. 

"Over the past eight years, developers from Argentina like ATIX's Alan Verbner have been invaluable in the development of Cardano. Argentina has some of the brightest minds in our industry and it has been a privilege to work with them." –Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson via X.

Also, it was only last week that J.J. Siler, Chief of Staff of Input Output Global (IOG), visited Argentina for the second time and, together with members of the Latam Cardano Community, attended the tenth annual Latam Economic Forum hosted in Buenos Aires. There, Cardano ambassadors had the opportunity to discuss blockchain technology with Darío Epstein, organizer of the event and director of Research for Traders, entrepreneurs, and key political figures. The ideas brought forward were received positively by Epstein, who alluded to this conversation in a tweet this week, as well as with Karina Milei, current Secretary General of Argentina, who expressed openness to the possibility of seeking technological investments for the country, saying in a video that she thought Cardano was a good candidate to do so. 

"A technology company specialized in third-generation blockchain with a focus on decentralized government just called me and wants to establish itself in Argentina to develop knowledge and tech applications. As the saying goes: 'you reap your sowing'!!!" –Darío Epstein via X.

The same day as the Latam Economic Forum, Cardano and Rogelio Frigerio, governor of Entre Ríos Province, announced in a public signing that a partnership that leverages Entre Ríos' economic and agricultural dynamism and accelerates blockchain integration and mutual advancement within the region. This was the first public signing of blockchain adoption of this magnitude in the country!

To wrap up the week, the Latam Cardano Community organized a community event on Saturday inviting members to submit proposals on blockchain implementation. More than fifty people attended, and the proposals showed a lot of potential for Project Catalyst’s 13th funding round, which has not yet opened for registration. Speaking of which, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you register to vote for Fund 12 proposals. Registration closes on June 18th and the voting period will last from June 27th until July 11th. We hope to count on your support so that we can keep growing as a community and establish more advances in blockchain development in the ecosystem. Voting results will be available the week of July 11tth. You can register to vote by downloading the Catalyst Voting App on the Apple App Store or on Google Play to get ready for the upcoming Catalyst voting round. Use the link below if you need more information: 

The Cardano community in Argentina is thrilled to see blockchain adoption gradually becoming more widespread, and many see it as a viable option to break away from traditional approaches to problem solving, as well as an opportunity to favor a decentralized system that promotes personal development, reduces state intervention, maximizes cost-efficiency, and democratizes otherwise bureaucratic processes. 

This is only the beginning of a series of events that drive a national interest from a diverse audience on blockchain adoption. The Cardano Latam Community and other collaborators will shortly be announcing an event that will take place on July 31st, where different sectors of society will  be able to discuss matters of public interest on how blockchain technology can be used to problem-solve. Keep an eye out! This event will act as a point of inflection before the signing of the Cardano Constitution in December 2024.



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