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Cardano's USDM Empowers EU, $NVL Raises 2.5M ADA & More!

Hey Cardanians! Welcome aboard the Weekly Cardano Digest #18!!

Cardano Weekly News April 22th

We've filtered through all the noise to distill crucial updates into a breezy, 5-minute read. No need for you to sift through endless info — we've got you covered. Ready to delve into this week's top Cardano news? Let’s dive in. 

Here are the topics of the week:

  • Exciting Collaboration: NBX and Cardano's USDM Stablecoin Unite to Empower the EU

  • $NVL Sale Wraps Up, Securing an Impressive 2.5M ADA!

  • IAMX Identity and FluidTokens Drive Begin Wallet Development

  • Reitcircles: Announces next LBE with SundaeSwap scheduled for May 1

  • Weekly Development Report IOG.

  • & More!


This week on Cardano...

Exciting Collaboration: NBX and Cardano's USDM Stablecoin Unite to Empower the EU

European Partnership USDM NBX

In a bold step towards reshaping digital finance, USDM announces an unprecedented partnership with the Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), a leader in Nordic cryptocurrency services. Together, they aim to solidify the presence of the USDM stablecoin in European markets, heralding a new era of financial innovation. 

USDM's Trailblazing Partnership in the EU and Cardano's Native Token Frontier

This transformative partnership merges the financial expertise of both entities, catapulting USDM while upholding rigorous e-money regulations and forthcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets (MICA) standards. 

The collaboration between USDM and NBX embodies a shared vision for a more accessible and efficient digital finance landscape. With innovation at its core, this partnership promises to reshape the future of finance, making it more accessible and efficient for all. Read more


$NVL Sale Wraps Up, Securing an Impressive 2.5M ADA!

Nuvola Hit 2.5M ADA

Nuvola Digital aims to democratize decentralized infrastructure, driven by the $NVL token. Reinvesting proceeds from sales, it bolsters the ecosystem and rewards token holders sustainably.

In just one day, the $NVL sale has concluded with an astounding raise of 2.5M ADA! This incredible achievement reflects the unwavering support and enthusiasm of the community as they continue to make waves in the world of decentralized finance.

The Nuvola Digital team is at the forefront of driving growth and scaling some of the most innovative projects within the Cardano ecosystem, from pioneering DePIN initiatives to bolstering infrastructure projects. Read more


IAMX Identity and FluidTokens Drive Begin Wallet Development

Begin x IAMX x FluidTokens

Begin Wallet is now in partnership with IAMX Identity and FluidTokens, marking a significant step forward for the Cardano ecosystem. IAMX's expertise in digital identity integration will enhance the Begin Wallet, providing users with a seamless platform for managing both identities and trading. This integration streamlines the user experience, eliminating the need for separate wallets.

Meanwhile, FluidTokens brings a new dimension to the collaboration with features like lending and versatile token transactions. Users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs directly within the Begin Wallet, offering unprecedented flexibility. Together, Begin, IAMX, and FluidTokens are poised to redefine cryptocurrency wallet functionality, catering to the evolving needs of the Cardano community. Read more


Countdown Begins: Reitcircles' Upcoming LBE Collaboration with SundaeSwap on May 1st

ReitCircles Real Estate Tokenization

Unveiling the Power of REIT: The Driving Force Behind Reitcircles' Revolutionary Ecosystem

The REIT token stands as the linchpin of innovation and efficiency, driving the ecosystem forward with its indispensable utility. As the backbone of this dynamic platform, the REIT token plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless transactions and powering essential processes.

In today's digital landscape, a utility token like REIT is more than just a means of exchange—it's the lifeblood of a thriving semi-closed economy. What sets the REIT token apart, however, is its intrinsic value—a delicate balance of demand and scarcity. Much like traditional forms of wealth such as Gold and the cutting-edge innovations of Bitcoin, the REIT token's value is driven by both its utility-driven demand and its carefully curated supply.

Cardano's Backbone: Reitcircles Transforms Real Estate

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Reitcircles emerges as a beacon of innovation, unveiling a secure and user-friendly decentralized ecosystem built upon the robust framework of the Cardano blockchain. 

Highlighted at the prestigious Cardano Summit in Dubai 2023, Reitcircles captured the spotlight, showcasing its unwavering commitment to education, technology adoption, governance, and regulation.

As Real Estate Tokenization gains momentum, it heralds a transformative wave set to revolutionize traditional market landscapes. With its disruptive potential, it promises to reshape the very foundations of conventional market dynamics, unlocking new opportunities and possibilities for investors and stakeholders alike. Read more


Weekly Development Report IOG April 19


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A Message from Lucas 🎊

Unique moments are coming for the cardano ecosystem this week I will tell you some important news. We increase our team to give the best for you. 🚀🚀

-Lucas Macchiavelli

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