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Cardano Welcomes its First DePIN Aggregator, JamOnBread & More

Hey Cardanians! Welcome aboard the Weekly Cardano Digest #16!!

Cardano Weekly News April 7th

This edition is packed with valuable insights into Cardano's latest developments. Today's edition is brought to you by Smart Places a SocialFi project building on Cardano!

We've filtered through all the noise to distill crucial updates into a breezy, 5-minute read. No need for you to sift through endless info — we've got you covered. Ready to delve into this week's top Cardano news? Let’s dive in. 

Here are the topics of the week:

  • JamOnBread NFT marketplace Update

  • Cardano Welcomes Its First DePIN Aggregator + Partnership between Nuvola and Iagon

  • SmartPlaces Revolutionizes Social Networking on Cardano with Geolocation-Based Platform

  • Weekly Development Report by IOG.

  • & More!


This week on Cardano... 

 JamOnBread NFT Marketplace Update

JamOnBread NFT Marketplace

JamOnBread NFT Marketplace and Aggregator are taking significant strides in enhancing their platforms by implementing revenue-sharing smart contracts, launching an on-chain affiliate program, and other features.

Revenue Sharing Smart Contracts: By leveraging the power of smart contracts, JamOnBread introduces a transparent and efficient mechanism for revenue distribution. This feature allows creators to receive their earnings seamlessly, ensuring fair compensation for their contributions to the marketplace.

On-Chain Affiliate Program: The on-chain affiliate program marks a pioneering step towards incentivizing community growth and engagement. Affiliates can now promote listings within the marketplace and be rewarded directly through blockchain-based transactions, enhancing trust and immediacy in reward distribution.

These innovations are part of JamOnBread's broader effort to streamline operations and provide value to its user base. They also announced an enhanced user experience, performance upgrades, and a new Stats page.


Cardano Welcomes Its First DePIN Aggregator + Partnership between Nuvola and Iagon

Nuvola x iagon

In an innovative leap forward for the Cardano ecosystem, the first-ever Decentralized Personal Identification (DePIN) aggregator, Nuvola, has been announced, signifying a significant advancement towards a global rewards-based economy. This development is underpinned by a strategic partnership with Iagon, a notable player in decentralized services, emphasizing a community-driven approach to technological progress.

A DePIN aggregator is a network expansion protocol that operates & maintains nodes & servers on behalf of the community; allowing them to participate in the decentralized storage & computing reward models without the need for technical expertise. A DePIN aggregator provides nodes, servers, & other physical infrastructure to a series of DePIN protocols, aggregating all of the rewards and revenues back to its community, which for us at Nuvola would be you, the $NVL holders.

This endeavor aims to bolster the resilience and efficiency of Iagon's network, showcasing a united front in the pursuit of a more secure, decentralized digital environment. The collaboration is not only a technical milestone but also a testament to the power of partnerships in fostering innovation and strength within blockchain networks.


SmartPlaces Revolutionizes Social Networking on Cardano with Geolocation-Based Platform

Smartplaces SocialFi
Sponsored Post

SmartPlaces, an emerging leader in the Cardano SocialFi realm, has introduced a g geolocation-based social network aimed at redefining digital social interactions and fostering genuine community engagement. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as geolocation, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI), SmartPlaces offers users hyperlocal experiences and market access on a global scale, setting itself apart from traditional social media platforms.

A New Era of Social Networking

SmartPlaces' platform is built on a values-driven approach that prioritizes user empowerment and equitable monetization. Through its unique 'Connect2Earn' model, users are rewarded for their engagement with SmartPoints and the ecosystem's token, $SPX, while maintaining control over their personal data.

By purchasing and trading virtual NFT land plots, users gain further incentives for interaction, bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds. SmartPlaces' innovative engagement model supports local economies and businesses, turning local hotspots into bustling centers for real-life encounters.

SmartPlaces identifies 'smart places' as real-world locations ripe for interaction and engagement, from cafes and parks to universities and shopping malls. These locations represent potential data marketplaces, offering valuable insights into user preferences and behaviors.

Revolutionizing User Engagement with Connect2Earn

At the heart of SmartPlaces is the 'Connect2Earn' model, which rewards users for connecting, sharing, and engaging on the platform. This system not only incentivizes participation but also offers real economic benefits, allowing users to monetize their data and interactions. With the recent launch of the $SPX token through a successful LBE that concluded on April 8th, SmartPlaces is paving the way for a new form of social interaction that values user contribution and privacy.


Weekly Development Report April 5th


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🎊 A Message from Lucas 🎊

Hey! Another week, another newsletter, with more progress being made on Cardano. I finally decided that I would be going to Barcelona and hopefully Tolousse for the Cardano events. A new website coming up and if everything goes well we will have some cool announcements coming for you over here, someone said… Cardano merch? Also, we have a big announcement for Token Allies later today!! Excited about this week. Also, lots of progress is being made in LATAM, with governance and all related topics we have quite a lot of work over here, thankfully we have a big team that will make this happen. Planning a HUGE blockchain event for July in Argentina, hopefully, you will be able to make it down here!

Don't forget we now have referrals, which will start to be quite useful in the near future

-Lucas Macchiavelli

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