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Hey Cardanians! You might be saying… hey Lucas its not monday yet, well like I anticipated yesterday, we wanna spice up the Newsletter a bit and start sending some special editions to provide more value to you, so I ask my good friend Cristian Rojas to write us something special for this edition, he went on to write a cool article about an interesting project building on Cardano. So I hope you enjoy!

Today's edition is supported by TxPipe. They create amazing tools for developers in the Cardano Ecosystem. If you are building on Cardano, meeting these guys is something you will definitely want to do. Plus, they are Argentinians, so if you treat them nicely, you might end up eating an asado together.  I’ll tell you more about them later on.



Start An Education Business In Cardano,

The Working Dead

When I joined our ecosystem a little over two years ago, I wanted to build an agritech startup on Cardano. 

The typical approach involves developing the product, conducting trials, and promoting it to a targeted audience.

More than a year passed before I realized that managing expenses related to development, and integrating software into people's daily routines will pose significant challenges,especially if I had not built an audience.

We know the power of a personal brand, we know the power of digital products versus physical products, but few of us still don't understand how to build an audience from scratch.

What if I told you that there is already an audience, a community thirsty for the skills you have developed so far and the knowledge you have acquired in this journey in Cardano?

Here’s what to expect:

  •  What is The Working Dead and why is this community for you.

  •  How to nurture your education business in the community itself.

  •  How to create your own customers within the community.

The Working Dead

Start an Education Business

The digital era has equalized access to education, erasing geographical limitations. In a post-pandemic landscape, online education has become more than just a convenience; it has evolved into the prevailing standard.

Creators are acquiring knowledge, building , and refining valuable insights that enhance the quality of life for all.

How to distribute this knowledge and why the working Dead can be a good channel?

In this time in the ecosystem I have met many people who build every day, there are amazing projects and products in Cardano and every day there are more and more.

During conversations with people in the community we get to a point of talking about distribution, how we can bring these products or services closer to the community, we talk about marketing strategies, and we talk about how we can make them available to the community.

building an audience takes time and that is why as a value creator you will spend time where it seems that no one sees you or reads what you write.

Audience building is a lifestyle.

It is the act of capturing, curating, connecting, creating, and distributing valuable information, resources, and products in a way that impacts positive behavior change.

If you don’t pursue a better life for yourself, you will fail.

A better life demands the habits of learning, building, and distributing.

The working dead is a community, a learning platform built on cardano that precisely has the vision of providing tools, quality content to learn, build and above all distribute these skills and learning.

Instead of starting your career as a value creator without an audience, you will have a community that is willing to help you learn and receive what you have to contribute.

Tips To Start Learning.

Learn skills with a purposeful and focused mindset.

Engage in learning that aligns with your interests without imposing restrictions, capture the excitement or dopamine triggered by new ideas. Document and refine these ideas.

The working dead presents us with a learn to earn model but do not see it as immediate rewards, in this case the rewards will serve as motivation, from my point of view the biggest motivation is the skills and knowledge that we will be learning and then based on our experience we can redefine and pass to the community, in a kind of sustainable economy.

In order to access these courses you will have to pay the cost of the course in the project token, called $WORK, if you have any of the 6,666 NFTs of The working Dead collection you will have a considerable discount on the payment (16.66%).The current price of this NFT is 120 ADA, it is worth noting that it has grown by 300% in the last month.

Fostering customer relationships by providing educational content and value.

By emphasizing education in your brand through these courses, you gain the capacity to generate your own customer base.

The working dead community are learning machines.

Once you have learned through taking courses, you can create identities through education, guiding people to your vision through your narrative, demonstrating what you have learned but with your own vision you will be able to create value and the community will welcome it.

It's time to build courses for your past self or your current self, one that will accelerate progress toward a meaningful goal.

If you like development, create a workflow with education around it.

If you like DeFi, create strategies and analytics with training around it.

If you like NFTs, create an educational program around it.

You are the niche.

Create courses that target you.

As an instructor, you will earn $WORK or Ada for each course sold on the platform, this will depend on the price you decide and whether you accept Ada as payment or just $WORK.

The fee structure of the platform will depend on how much $WORK you have in stake, the more you have in stake the less fees you will pay per course sold. The structure is as follows:

The fee structure of the platform

I hope you enjoyed this one.

Have a great weekend.

– Cristian Rojas


TxPipe: Open Source Software for the Cardano Ecosystem 

Sponsored Post

In the realm of Cardano development, TxPipe has steadily carved its niche as an open-source solution provider since its establishment in 2021. Co-founded by Santiago and Federico, tech professionals with over two decades of experience, TxPipe was conceived with a singular goal: to simplify developers' experiences on Cardano through accessible open-source tools.

Open Source as Standard Practice:

TxPipe's ethos revolves around providing transparent, collaborative, and community-driven tools. It seeks to empower users, inviting them to comprehend, contribute, and collectively influence the trajectory of development.

From the start, TxPipe has embraced open-source principles not just as a methodology but as standard practice. The founders aimed to offer tools that empower users, encouraging them to understand, contribute, and collectively shape the course of development.

TxPipe recognizes the strength in collaboration, understanding that the continual evolution of its projects is a result of shared efforts from both the founders and the broader community.

Catalyst Fund 11 Proposals:

TxPipe's commitment to open source is reinforced by the support it has received from Project Catalyst. This backing has played a crucial role in fostering an environment conducive to community-driven development.

For those interested in TxPipe's current initiatives, detailed proposals from Catalyst Fund 11 can be explored here:

Or you can quickly Search for them on the Catalyst App, remember voting ends in 2 days!! ⌛⌛

  • Githoney by TxPipe: Dev bounty system using Marlowe contracts, deep integration with Github

  • Mumak by TxPipe: A PostgreSQL custom extension to process raw Cardano CBOR

  • Hollow by TxPipe: Headless dApp Framework, a friendly SDK for off-chain development

  • gRPC ❤️ Cardano: A streaming API for Cardano using Dolos by TxPipe

  • Asteria by TxPipe: A bot challenge to showcase the capabilities of the UTxO model

TxPipe's narrative is not just about technology; it's a journey of collaboration, transparency, and a commitment to simplifying developers' experiences. Join TxPipe on this impactful journey, shaping an open-source future for Cardano!

Explore TxPipe's ethos, and the open-source projects it offers by visiting the website:


🎊 A Message from me…. Lucas 🎊

Hey! I hope you like this special edition of the newsletter. As we grow larger, we are able to scale this to bigger and bigger places. I would like to thank Fede and Santi from TxPipe for their support in this early venture; I truly appreciate it.

I am glad to tell you that we now have passed +700 subscribers. I would have never guessed we would grow so fast, but here we are already. I can't wait to present to you guys the referral program and some initiatives we have to use this newsletter as a massive onboarding mechanism to Cardano. That was always the goal, and the bigger we get, the easier it gets.

We are quickly becoming one of the biggest newsletters on Cardano, and we are only 7 weeks in. Now it's time to double down, grow the team, scale, and reach bigger audiences. If you made it this far… just thank you, you are amazing.

P.S.: If you are receiving this email in your spam or promotions folder, I would suggest you move it to your main folder. Also, replying to this email helps in letting email platforms know that we are legit. So now that we are, I would like to ask…

What project should we write about next? I’ll be reading all the replies to this email!👇👇


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