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Cardano signs contract with province in Argentina, World Mobile partnership, & MORE!

We've filtered through all the noise to distill crucial updates into a breezy, 5-minute read. No need for you to sift through endless info — we've got you covered. Ready to delve into this week's top Cardano news? Let’s dive in.

Here are the topics of the week:

  • Cardano signs contract with Entre Ríos in Argentina on blockchain adoption

  • TMinusOne, Token Allies, and USDM partner up to strengthen Cardano’s liquidity

  • World Mobile announces partnership with Cuentas to revolutionize connectivity

  • NMKR and TIAMONDS introduce tokenized diamond ownership on the Cardano blockchain

  • Weekly Development Report

  • & More!


This week on Cardano…

Cardano signs contract with Entre Ríos in Argentina on blockchain adoption 

Rafael Fraga and Rogelio Frigerio

This week, Cardano announced a new partnership in Argentina! Rafael Fraga, representative of the Cardano Foundation in Latin America, celebrated a public signing with Rogelio Frigerio, governor of Entre Rios province, to lead the implementation of Web3 technology and use it as a tool to solve problems affecting economic development in the region.

In a tweet, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson highlighted that this announcement is representative of an important milestone in blockchain adoption, underscoring the growing relationship between Argentina and the Cardano community. Governor Frigerio took to LinkedIn to express what this partnership means in terms of blockchain-oriented solutions in areas like education, cost reduction, and limitation of bureaucracy in public services. READ MORE


TMinusOne, Token Allies, and USDM partner up to strengthen Cardano’s liquidity

Token allies and TM1 Pre-Sale

In a strategic move designed to supercharge liquidity within the Cardano ecosystem, TM1, Token Allies, and USDM have announced a groundbreaking partnership to leverage the unique strengths of each entity and create a more efficient experience for users interacting with Cardano's native assets.

All ADA purchases made during the Token Allies sale will be converted to USDM and held within the Token Allies treasury as USDM tokens. This integration streamlines the process for users and contributes to the overall liquidity of the Cardano ecosystem.

This week, TMinusOne and Token Allies also announced a limited-time sale of 300 discounted DVCs on the TM1 platform. Token Allies, the first Decentralized Venture Capital (DVC) on Cardano is at the forefront of a new era in VC investment. This partnership combines the principles of VCs with the advantages of decentralization.

DVCs offer a revolutionary way to invest in high-growth startups, breaking free from the limitations of traditional Venture Capital. As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Token Allies empowers investors themselves to make investment decisions, not a select few. Investors can also choose from diverse investment funds tailored to personal goals and collaborate on due diligence processes, ensuring informed investment choices. This partnership makes investing in startups more accessible and transparent for the Cardano community. Read More


World Mobile announces partnership with Cuentas to revolutionize connectivity

World Mobile Partnership with Cuentas

World Mobile, a decentralized and blockchain-powered mobile network, announced an alliance with Cuentas, Inc., a financial technology company, to offer mobile users from the United States cost-efficient global roaming at much more cost-effective rates compared to legacy networks in the traditional telecom industry. 

The companies announced that they would launch groundbreaking global roaming services and financial solutions in over 30,000 retail locations nationwide using Cuentas’ fintech infrastructure and World Mobile’s AirNode Operators. This collaboration will focus on:

  • Tailored Global Roaming: Localized networks will be developed to cater to specific customer needs, ensuring seamless global roaming experiences.

  • Integrated Mobile Solutions: The initiative will combine roaming services with mobile solutions, leveraging both eSIM and traditional SIM technologies for greater flexibility.

Cardano and World Mobile have historically shared the same vision of offering financial connectivity to unbanked and underbanked communities. This last announcement with Cuentas promises a continued commitment to bringing financial freedom and high-efficiency wireless data networks to diverse communities. Read More


NMKR and TIAMONDS introduce tokenized diamond ownership on the Cardano blockchain

TIAMONDS Diamond Ownership

NMKR, a leading NFT infrastructure provider on the Cardano blockchain, partnered with TIAMONDS, a tokenized diamond marketplace, to transition traditional diamond ownership into a Real World Asset.

The project is built on two key components: 

  1. TIAMONDS: the tokenized representations of diamonds, which represent the digital ownership over the real gem.

  2. TIA Token: a deflationary cryptocurrency and the universal utility token of the TIAMONDS platform.

While buying on the traditional diamond market involves a lot of paperwork and storing them can become complicated, tokenized diamonds offer the opportunity to trade anytime on an NFT marketplace, without the need for physical storage or form completion. Each NFT is fully insured by a real diamond, with a GIA certificate tied to each NFT. Read More


Weekly Development Report by IOG

Weekly Development Report


Interesting Stories:


🎊 A Message from Lucas 🎊

Cardano LA

We reached so many milestones this week, and I am so happy to know that blockchain adoption keeps getting bigger in Argentina. I had the privilege to meet with J.J. Siler, Chief of Staff at Input Output Global (IOG), for the Latam Economic Forum on Thursday, where we were able to exchange words with Darío Epstein, event organizer and director of Research for Traders, along with fellow innovators, entrepreneurs, and government leaders. That same day, Cardano announced a partnership with the province of Entre Rios to advance blockchain technology in the region.

The Latin American Cardano Community has put in so much work in the past few years to grow the ecosystem in the region, especially here in Argentina. It was not until the last few months that everything began to move much more quickly, and I'm so proud of the landmarks we reached in the past week alone.

To finish things off, yesterday we hosted a pitching competition at the Cardano Latam Builders event we hosted at the National Technological University (UTN) in Buenos Aires. More than fifty proposals were submitted and all of them showed great commitment to blockchain implementation as a solution to real-life problems related to education, innovation, and financial services. I’m so excited to see what comes next. 

–Lucas Macchiavelli

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