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Catalyst Fund11 Voting, Fluid Token's Success, and Clarity DAO's New Era!

Hey Cardanians!

Welcome aboard the Weekly Cardano Digest #5!!

Weekly News Cardano January 22nd

Today’s edition is supported by Clarity DAO. They make cool and nice-looking (Yes I love how they look) governance and community management tools for Cardano projects. I’ll tell you more about them later on.


This edition is packed with valuable insights into Cardano's latest developments. We've filtered through all the noise to distill crucial updates into a breezy, 5-minute read. No need for you to sift through endless info — we've got you covered. Ready to delve into this week's top Cardano news? Let’s dive in. 

Here are the topics of the week:

  • Project Catalyst Voting starts on the 25th

  • Fluid Tokens's FLDT Launch:

  • Create a DAO for free using Clarity DAO

  • Iagon's Network Roadmap Looking promising!

  • Wanchain Integrates with Cardano, Facilitating a Massive 7 Million+ USDC Bridge

  • Project Catalyst voting starts on Thursday 25th!!

  • You can now create a DAO for free on Cardano!


This week on Cardano...

Fluid Tokens's FLDT Launch: A Remarkable Achievement on Cardano

Fluid Tokens

What is Fluid Tokens?

Fluid Tokens a prominent Cardano lending platform, allowing users to borrow and lend assets on the Cardano Blockchain. Just this week, the Fluid Tokens team successfully launched their native token, FLDT. Utilizing Minswap's innovative Launch Bowl, a mechanism that enables projects to introduce their tokens by garnering liquidity from the Cardano community.

FLDT Launch:

In an impressive display of community support and investor confidence, Fluid Token raised 8 million ADA in less than 24 hours through this launch. Achieving such a feat, especially during a bear market, is a testament to the project's potential and the robustness of the Cardano community's backing.

FLDT is now actively trading on the Cardano network, offering a new avenue for investment and participation in the platform's lending services. This launch not only enhances the diversity of tokens available on Cardano but also demonstrates the growing strength and maturity of its DeFi ecosystem providing more alternatives in the growing Lending space on the Cardano Blockchain.

Why This Matters for the Cardano Ecosystem?

The successful launch of Fluid Token's FLDT on Cardano is a significant indicator of the ecosystem's growing strength and resilience, even in a bear market. Raising 8 million ADA in such a short time frame, highlighting the potential of Cardano's DeFi landscape. This milestone not only showcases the effectiveness of community-driven liquidity solutions but also paves the way for future projects to thrive on the Cardano platform, bolstering its position as a leading blockchain for innovative and successful DeFi projects. Read more


Iagon's Network Roadmap Looks Promising!

Iagon Roadmap 2024-2025

What is Iagon?

Iagon is a pioneering force in decentralized storage, offering a secure and efficient alternative to traditional cloud storage solutions. Their platform leverages blockchain technology to create a more robust, decentralized network for data storage and management.

Iagon Updates

Iagon has recently released their ambitious roadmap for 2024-2025, detailing a series of innovative features set to enhance their platform. Among the imminent updates are:

  • Security & Architectural Audit

  • Referral Program

  • Node Sharing with Delegated Staking

These upcoming developments are just the beginning of what promises to be a transformative period for Iagon. Read More


Wanchain Integrates with Cardano, Facilitating a Massive 7 Million+ USDC Bridge

Wanchain x Cardano

What is Wanchain?

Wanchain is what we here in the blockchain world call a bridge, which is a feature in the blockchain space, designed to facilitate seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks. It enables the secure and decentralized transfer of assets and data across various blockchains. Wanchain's bridge ensures these cross-chain transfers are trustless and secure, thereby promoting a more integrated and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Why it Matters?

Wanchain's integration with Cardano is a game-changer, bringing substantial liquidity to the Cardano ecosystem through the inclusion of USDC, one of the most widely used stablecoins. The ability to move a significant amount of stablecoin like USDC and other tokens onto the Cardano platform opens up new possibilities for users and developers, potentially driving increased activity and innovation within the network.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, such integrations are crucial in shaping the future of digital finance, where asset transfer across different blockchains becomes as straightforward and natural as sending an email. Read More.


Project Catalyst voting starts on Thursday 25th!! 

Project Catalyst Fund 11

Get your wallets ready, let's fund some cool Cardano Projects!! II'll surely be dropping my Proposals and some I believe will develop our ecosystem. I´ll be doing a section for the Cardano Newsletter community proposals, so reply to this email with your Proposal link with a brief description! Read More.


You can now create a DAO for free on Cardano!

Sponsored Post

What is Clarity?

Clarity is a Cardano platform that provides governance, treasury, and community management tools for projects building on Cardano. With Clarity you can create organizations with custom governance rules, run custom governance actions, and have a live community leaderboard where community members earn points for contributing to the organization. Full overview of the platform.

Clarity V2 Coming Soon!

Clarity is on the brink of launching its V2 version, which will enable anyone, even non technical users, to create completely onchain entitys. I actually created the Token Allies DAO this way, it was quite easy tbh. V2 will enable DAO creation from an easy to use front end interface. V2 leverages Agora, an open source and audited governance and treasury management protocol built for Cardano projects.

Get started on Clarity for free:

Clarity just announced you can now create a DAO for FREE! You can visit their dapp here to get started:

Clarity is giving 1,000 ADA to their community every week! The Clarity Weekly ADA Giveaway program is a weekly competition where the Clarity accounts with the most accumulated points will walk away with a combined 1,000 ADA. Learn more here.

Clarity Catalyst Fund11 Proposals:

Clarity is moving quickly to enhance capabilities of the Cardano DAO and treasury management ecosystem with five proposals in Fund11 that propose to build open source tooling for all Cardano to leverage. Learn more here.

Why this matters?

This announcement not only democratizes participation for both technical and non-technical users but also strengthens the overall functionality and inclusivity of the Cardano blockchain.

Stay tuned for more updates as Clarity continues to innovate and provide valuable tools for the Cardano community. For an in-depth understanding of Clarity and its product capabilities, visit their website. To join Clarity’s community visit their discord


Interesting Stories: 


🎊 A Message from Lucas 🎊

Hey!! It's Monday again, and I'm quite excited to get the week started. You might or might not have noticed, but we’ve migrated to a new email platform. To be honest, I am not completely in love with it at the moment, but time will tell; things are moving fast in the Cardano Newsletter. Full disclosure, we are exploring how this could evolve into more than just a weekly newsletter.

I’ve always been the type of person who dreams big, and looking forward to the next few months, Cardano will change a lot, and this newsletter will as well. This is something I am not running alone; I am just the visible face, but there are lots of meetings going on behind the curtains. Hopefully, we will have cool stuff to announce soon. We are looking at how a community could form out of this newsletter, and we really have some COOL ideas. A referral program is on its way. Also, we are thinking about sending some special editions of the newsletter introducing guest writers doing a deep dive into a Cardano project or features, always striving to make it as high quality and digestible as possible.

You might have noticed the first sponsorship of the newsletter! I would like to thank Logan and Justing for supporting the newsletter. This marks a huge milestone for us, as it's the first step to start scaling and creating a bigger impact. This was always the goal: how can I onboard thousands or millions to Cardano with the newsletter? Getting there, step by step. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please reply to this email and include your project's name. Also, feel free to DM me on X.

I hope you like these little messages at the end; it is my favorite part of writing these editions. If you like this edition, please help us share it with your friends! If you do it in X make sure to tag me, I´ll repost it.

See you on the next edition! 

-Lucas Macchiavelli

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