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Cardano 1st FIAT Backed Stablecoin, UAE integrating Cardano & Institutional ADA Adoption...

Hey Cardanians! Welcome aboard the Weekly Cardano Digest #13!!

Weekly Cardano News March 18th

This edition is packed with valuable insights into Cardano's latest developments. This edition is brought to you by ReitCircles, a decentralized housing protocol on the Cardano blockchain that enables real estate asset tokenization


We've filtered through all the noise to distill crucial updates into a breezy, 5-minute read. No need for you to sift through endless info — we've got you covered. Ready to delve into this week's top Cardano news? Let’s dive in. 

Here are the topics of the week:

  • Cardano Welcomes Mehen: The First Fiat-Backed Stablecoin on the Network

  • The UAE will use the Cardano Blockchain for Secure Data management.

  • Cardano Launches Staking ETP on Swiss SIX Exchange

  • ReitCircles: Revolutionizing Real Estate Ownership and Investment on the Cardano Blockchain

  • Weekly Development Report by IOG.

  • & More!


This week on Cardano...

Cardano Welcomes Mehen: The First Fiat-Backed Stablecoin on the Network

Mehen USDM on Cardano

Cardano now has its first USD-backed stablecoin, Mehen ($USDM), enhancing the network's DeFi capabilities. This stablecoin aims to offer stability against the usual cryptocurrency volatility, promising a more reliable DeFi experience.

The introduction of $USDM is a major step for Cardano, expected to attract new investments and innovations to its ecosystem. With Mehen's debut, Cardano strengthens its position in the blockchain space, bringing a new level of stability and potential growth to its community. Read More


The UAE will use the Cardano Blockchain for Secure Data management

UAE Cardano Blockchain

The United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of integrating Cardano blockchain technology to streamline and secure criminal investigations, a breakthrough showcased at the prestigious World Police Summit in Dubai. This pioneering move leverages Cardano's robust blockchain capabilities to ensure the integrity, security, and traceability of forensic data. It represents a significant milestone in the application of blockchain technology beyond finance, facilitating seamless and secure data sharing among international law enforcement agencies, including Interpol, and setting a new standard for global security collaboration. Read more


Cardano Launches Staking ETP on Swiss SIX Exchange

Staking ETP on Swiss SIX

Cardano introduces a Staking Exchange Traded Product (ETP) on the SIX Swiss Exchange, simplifying ADA investment under ticker CASL. This move offers an easy path to invest in ADA with potential returns, bypassing the complexity of personal crypto storage and blockchain understanding.

The ETP, featuring a staking pool managed by Liqwid, allows secure, direct engagement in digital assets through the trusted Swiss Exchange, enhancing investor confidence with cold storage security.

Marked by a ceremonial bell-ringing, the ETP's launch signifies a step toward merging traditional finance with digital assets. Read More


Reitcircles: Revolutionizing Real Estate Ownership and Investment on the Cardano Blockchain

Real Estate Tokenization $REIT

A New Era for Real Estate Investment

ReitCircles introduces a decentralized housing protocol built on the Cardano blockchain. This platform transforms the traditional real estate market by allowing asset owners to sell portions of their property. Opening the doors for small and large retail investors to participate in real estate investments globally.

DAO-Driven Asset Management

At the core of ReitCircles' approach is the management of each hosted asset through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This structure ensures distributed and equitable management of wealth within these assets, fostering a community-driven approach to real estate investment.

The initiative seeks to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and real-world assets, making real estate investment as accessible as trading stocks. This ambition is fueled by a commitment to evolve alongside blockchain technology advancements, ensuring the platform remains at the forefront of decentralized real estate management and investment.

If you want to join ReitCircles as a beta tester, fill out this form and you will be able to participate in their reward program.


Weekly Development Report March 15


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🎊 A Message from Lucas 🎊

Hey! So excited about this next week. I am happy to tell you that we are expanding the Cardano Newsletter team with the goal of improving your overall experience, both written and visually, you will start noticing the differences in the next couple weeks (Hopefully). Also I got funded to create some governance content, so expect lots fo governance infographics, articles and thread being published both here and on my account. Governance is hard… so we will do our best to make it as understandable as possible. Hope you have an amazing week, see you soon!

-Lucas Macchiavelli

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