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Be part of our team and give yourself meet on the web 3!

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Welcome to the Cardano Newsletter

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The premier Cardano weekly digest, diving into the heart of the blockchain ecosystem. Get the latest developments, insightful analyses, and captivating stories for over 750 Cardano enthusiasts, investors, and developers. Join our 765+ strong community in just 2 months.

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Who is behind the

Cardano Newsletter?

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“ Hi, I am Lucas Macchiavelli! I have been building on the Cardano Ecosystem for 3 years.

I am a Cardano Ambassador chosen by the Cardano Foundation and Co-founder of Token Allies and the LATAM Cardano Community

I've led hundreds of virtual and in person Cardano events throughout Latin America and grown my X account to over 7,000, followers, reaching millions of people every month.”

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Why a newsletter?

Why a newsletter?

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