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Weekly Newsletter

Why our newsletter?


Stay informed about everything happening in the cardano world, from platform updates to project launches and community events.

In - depth

Explore promising startups in the Cardano ecosystem through exclusive analysis and discover their disruptive potential.

Learn everything you need to know about the cardano ecosystem with concise and easy - to - understand ebooks, covering everything from the basics to participation strategies.

Informative ebooks

Invaluable tips

Receive advice on high - value projects backed by solid research
to help you navigate the Cardano
landscape with confidence.


Get a panoramic view of the crucial issues shaping the blockchain ecosystem. Our articles and analysis will provide you with
the information you need to make
informed decisions about your future.

& Gifts

Enter our weekly raffles, get early
access to projects, and win community NFTs, Workshop tickets, and free event tickets.

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Who is behind the Newsletter?

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Lucas Macchiavelli
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